Employee Joie De Vivre

Mo Fitness wants to help your employees increase their energy and overall joie de vivre.  Our schedules have become so hectic every week, making it increasingly difficult to get to the gym. Add to that the extra stress of a Montreal orange-cone commute; often the healthiest part of our day gets pushed aside for obligations. 

Mo Fitness will come to your work place to offer vibrant and entertaining fitness classes, so your employees can sweat out their anxiety and stress before heading home to their loved ones. They can leave work feeling replenished and positive, rather than drained and dreading the next day.

Our daily life can take its toll on our mental and physical wellbeing; physical activity is the best way to improve your quality of life.  Mo Fitness can customize a fitness program for your employees based on their needs, interests, and abilities but will always include a healthy mix of cardio, strength and mobility training.  Mo Fitness specializes in cardio kickboxing, as well as bodyweight and resistance band training.

Mo Fitness is available for workshops on fitness; themes include but are not limited to : 

-Bodyweight training 

-Building an ‘at home’ fitness program

-How to use the gym effectively

-Cardio Kickboxing Basics

Mo Fitness is available for regularly scheduled evening classes (4-7pm)

– Body Weight Training

– Resistance Band Training

-Cardio Kickboxing (depends on space available)

Contact us for rates and availability, let’s get your employees happier and healthier.