Art and Fitness Unite!

Studio MoFitness has officially opened and while we are still mainly operating in the park, we are starting to use the studio more and more. As a way to make our studio feel like a 2nd home and to connect to our community, we decided to reach out to local NDG artists to show their artwork in our entrance. For the months of August and September, when you arrive at Studio MoFitness, you will be greeted with the colourful and inspiring paintings of Samantha Gold. Below are a few photos of her work in our space as well as her artist bio. If you are interested in purchasing her work or finding out more about the artist, just get in touch with Samantha (contact info below).

Samantha Gold:

Samantha Gold is a self-taught visual artist from NDG, Montreal, specializing in knitted dolls and acrylic and watercolor paintings. Of Filipino and Jewish descent, she initially became an artist as a means of coping with chronic illness and disability. In addition to her dolls and paintings, she is a writer, makeup artist, activist, and does illustration and prop work for theatrical productions. She is a regular exhibitor at Usine106u gallery and participated in the Wish 150 project commemorating the hundred and fiftieth anniversary of Confederation. Her work is a reflection of her heritage, sense of humor, and hopes for a better world.