Gearing Up for a Montreal Winter Weather Workout

MoFitness is super grateful that our outdoor Winter Boot Camp is up and going again, with the pandemic restrictions having been lifted. In light of this, we thought it might be helpful for our fitness community, especially our new members, to have a quick rundown of helpful tips for outdoor classes.

Layer your clothing:

  1. Opt for a tighter fit, sweat-wicking base layer like tech or dri-fit shirts and leggings that are made of materials like polyester, which pulls moisture from your body, leaving you dry. Fleece lined and merino wool base layers are great for keeping you warm while wicking away moisture. Cotton will absorb your sweat and weigh you down, making you feel colder.
  2. Add a layer of insulation that will allow for full range of motion such as a performance vest or pullover.
  3. Finally, add a protective shell that is waterproof as it will be light and dry.

Consider the temperature and add about 20 degrees as this is closer to how you will feel while working out. Example: If it’s -10 degrees, you will feel as if it is +10 degrees. An added bonus to layering is you can easily remove items as you heat up and bundle up again when you’re done.

Protect your ears and consider investing in waterproof gloves.


Hiking boots are recommended and crampons might be helpful if it’s icy. You can wear sneakers, but know that they will get wet so have a warm pair of wool socks on and plan time to dry your sneakers out after.

Don’t forget to bring your mat and sunscreen!

Given that it’s cold outside the workout does not include a stretch or cool down period; instead MoFitness advises stretching at home post-workout. A good stretch in a warm shower after an outdoor workout feels amazing! 

There are plenty of perks that accompany an outdoor workout including: Vitamin D for your immune system, a boost in your metabolism, reducing symptoms of depression (being in nature helps in general), mental stamina (have you heard of Wim Hof?!), and the opportunity to socialize – safely distanced, of course.

Don’t let Montreal’s winter weather prevent you from meeting your fitness goals!

Winter Bootcamp Schedule:

  • Tuesday 6-6:45 pm
  • Thursday 6-6:45 pm
  • Saturday 10-10:45 am

Winter Bootcamp Officially Ends March 30th, 2021 at which point we will resume our SWEAT in The Park Class Series until Oct 30th, 2021.

Check out our Winter Bootcamp Promo Video

Winter Bootcamp Classes are held in Park Georges Saint Pierre (Upper Lachine/Oxford)