We are starting our summer park class season off with a bang with all new classes in 3 different parks! We are incredibly pleased to an ounce that one of our original MoFitness members, Christina, will be leading Yoga and Zumba classes in the park this summer, starting Sunday June 6th. We have also started a Youth Kickboxing program to help get your kids off the screen and outside moving! Finally, we have added a Prenatal Fitness class in NDG Park, so join Coach Chelsie (6 months pregnant) for a safe workout to keep you healthy and happy throughout your pregnancy!


In an effort to help parents get their children outside and moving more, we have started a Youth Kickboxing Program in Georges Saint Pierre Park on Saturday at 9am. At this time the class is full however we have the option to add classes depending on demand.


Kickboxing for anyone, is an incredible workout that helps to increase overall strength and cardio endurance. Combined with other fitness exercises (drills, strength training, etc), it is the best workout around. For children, kickboxing is a way to enjoy physical fitness on an individual level. Not all children wish to participate in team sports but there are few options available to those children. We do not teach competitive kickboxing, we teach children the basic techniques (kicks, pushes, blocking , and evading) but they do not spar.


  • Increase muscular and cardio strength and endurance
  • Increase agility, coordination, focus, and self-control
  • Improves mental, emotional, and physical health
  • Promotes confidence and self respect

Due to demand, at this time, the class is for children 7-12, however if demand allows, we would consider adding a class for older children (13-17)-Minimum 4 per group. Reach out if you are interested in enrolling your child/teen in Youth Kickboxing!


Group Instructor and Studio Manager, Coach Chelsie, is currently 6 months pregnant and decided to start offering Prenatal Fitness Classes in NDG Park, every Wednesday at 9am. The 30 minute class, focuses on safely maintaining your fitness level through maternity. We will work on upper and lower body strength, pelvic floor work, and mobility movements to aid with pregnancy symptoms, delivery, and recovery.

Benefits of Prenatal Fitness for Mom:

  • Reduce risk of pregnancy complications
  • Speed post-delivery recover
  • Lower odds of delivery complications
  • Boost your mood
  • Lower blood pressure
  • Ease back and pelvic pain
  • Fight fatigue
  • Improve sleep

Benefits of Prenatal Fitness for Baby:

  • Reduced odds of diabetes
  • Boost to brain health
  • Lower BMI
  • A fitter heart