Find Your Training Tribe at Studio MoFitness

Register now for our upcoming January session starting January 9th. Fill out this form and send us an email at to let us know your full name. We will confirm your spot once we have enough people to fill a time slot.

What is Small Group Training?
Small Group Training takes the best aspects of Personal Training and combines it with the very best parts of Group Training.  You’ll receive individualized attention and be able to work towards your specific goals but you will share the cost of training with 3 others and benefit from a positive community of like minded people.
Over 4 weeks, you’ll set yourself a personalized goal and we’ll create a progressive fitness program tailored to your needs and the needs of the group.  The program is set by Coach Chelsie and is overseen by Coach Mo who has more than 16 years experience as a coach. Check out our Promo Video

What You Get?
Your 4 week session training fee will include the following:
– Individualized Attention of a Personal Trainer 
-Your Set Training Time = Accountability, Stability, Commitment, SUCCESS!!!
-Comprehensive progressive 4 week training program based on your goals
-50% off our drop in classes (10$/class instead of 20$)
-1 Complimentary Flow & Yin Yoga Classes (Value 20$)
-Dedicated Team of Coaches who will be there to support you every step of the way

How Does it Work?
Fill out this form selecting your time and day preference(s) and we will match you with your Training Tribe.  You will train at the same time and day for 4 weeks.  You can choose to train 1,2,3 or 4 times per week. Sessions starting before 7:30 am or after 5:30pm need a minimum of 3 people to be confirmed. Weekday session can be 1 person.

How Much Does it Cost?
Less than 20$ per session, which is less than the price of a large group class in most gyms and studios.  Prices are listed on our website.

You can pay through our website, or at the studio by credit card or you can send an etransfer. (Wait for your schedule to be confirmed before making a payment.)