About us


Coach Mo

16+ years experience 

Developed weight loss, strength training, and body transformation programs for individual clients.

Specialized in training for people with injuries and mobility issues.

Designed fitness programs for soldiers to improve and maintain their fitness levels.

Cardio Boxing and Kickboxing, Aerobics, Step and Circuit Group Classes and Individual Training.

Conducted assessments and advice on better weight loss or muscle gain.

Organized children’s fitness activities to gain strength and endurance.

Offered First Aid whenever necessary.

Coach Chelsie

Studio Manager

ISSA Certified Personal Trainer

Yogafit Level 1 Teacher

Develops Workshops

Yin Yoga, Yoga Flow, WOD, Power Tone, SWEAT

Coach Christina

Zumba Certified Instructor

Yoga Instructor

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Moses Nguno

Head Coach/Owner

Moses’s career in fitness started over 16 years ago in Mwanza, Tanzania. Since then he has trained people in fitness clubs across Tanzania and was recruited to work for the United Arab Emirates Military as a fitness coach for their military personnel. Afterwards, he trained pilots and flight crew for Etihad Airways in Abu Dhabi, UAE.  For 2 years, Moses ran his own Personal Training and Fitness business in Abu Dhabi, UAE but he has relocated to Montreal, Quebec, Canada where he hopes to inspire a fit and healthy community.  Since Moses moved to Montreal, he has been working in various gyms around the city, giving classes and training private clients.

Moses specializes in strength training, weight loss, muscle gain, weight gain, and functional training.  He also uses cardio boxing and kickboxing as a powerful and exciting way to build cardio strength. Whatever your nutrition and fitness goals are, he can support you on your journey.

Moses has a positive and personalized approach to training so that you can get the most out of your workouts while looking forward to the next one.

Moses is a dedicated father who loves to encourage his daughter to be active even at the young age of 2.  In his free time he is an avid Arsenal Football Team supporter and tries to watch every game he can!

Chelsie Evans

Studio Manager/Group Instructor

Chelsie is a fitness enthusiast with a passion for kickboxing. She is your main point of contact for all things related to the management and operations of Studio MoFitness. As a teacher, she has helped Coach Moses develop engaging and effective fitness workshops using proven methods from her experience as an educator.

This past year, she completed her Personal Trainer Certification and has been leading group classes both virtually and in the park. 

Chelsie is also a High School Art Teacher and in her spare time, enjoys writing and travelling.


Group Instructor

I’m Christina! I have fallen in love with fitness over the past few years and am excited to be teaching yoga and zumba! Exercising gives me the self-care that I need to overcome the daily stresses from work and life. I’m a graduate student at McGill University pursuing a PhD in particle physics. Originally I am from Hawaii and my Grandparents are both Mexican and Japanese immigrants. I have been a certified zumba instructor since January 2021 and combine various yoga forms together to suit different needs. I am happy to be part of the Mofitness fam and welcome you as well! 🙂

MoFitness: A Love Story

What would become MoFitness originated when 2 strangers living abroad in Abu Dhabi – Chelsie, an art teacher at an international school, Moses, a freelance fitness coach –  had a most auspicious chance encounter.

Having energetically bonded over a mutual love of fitness, healthy and active lifestyles, and an obvious passion for imparting knowledge, it did not take long for a partnership to evolve beyond an obvious attraction to each other. Chelsie and Moses began to put their heads together to develop Moses’ freelance career into a small business beginning with Teacher Fitness Training together while in Abu Dhabi.

The bonded enthusiasts relocated to Montreal wherein Coach Moses worked at various gyms, building a professional network, while Chelsie took on the management and marketing of the to-be community studio. Their determination and hard work pushed them beyond obstacles, and in the summer of 2019 the duo ran a Family Fitness program and began developing a series of workshops.

During the initial pandemic lockdown in 2020 they continued to challenge themselves by filming “Daily Tips” videos, which led to the creation of their outdoor fitness class series, “SWEAT in the Park”. Their business took off and as luck would have it, a perfectly-located studio opened and they didn’t hesitate to jump at the opportunity.The studio remains open despite the challenging times as a result of the pandemic. The love for this fitness studio and its members never stops, as the small business owners continue to develop programs and classes they offer, the newest being “Yoga Flow” and “Relax and Recharge”, a Yin class. Members continue to value one-on-one personal training, virtual small group training, and outdoor classes in the park, all in compliance with the safety codes. MoFitness is immensely thankful for it’s members both past and present, for their support and enthusiasm, which motivates them to continue inspiring an active and healthy community.