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SCHEDULE UPDATE!!! Check Bobclass for the live schedule as different classes are being added and removed at different dates throughout June to serve our community as best we can.

*Yoga with Christina starts on Sunday, June 6th and Zumba with Christina starts on Wednesday, June 9th.

**Please note, we have reduced our online class offerings starting the week of June 13th for the summer. Also take note of the park location of each class.

***Please also note that we have increased our prices slightly to reflect the standard rate for outdoor and online classes.

Class schedule. (MAY 2021)

For a better overview of the schedule, please put your smartphone horizontally.

10:10 – 10:5010:15 – 10:4510 – 11:00
NDG Park

Westmount Park
GSP Park

4:30-5PM4 – 4:45PM12-12:45 PM
GSP Park

GSP Parlk

(in studio)
6 – 7PM7:15-8PM6 – 7PM
GSP Park
NDG Park
GSP Park
*Subject to change. Live schedule on

Class Descriptions

Abs and Booty : This class focuses working your core (abs, obliques, glutes). A mixture of cardio and strength exercices focusing on your abs and booty.

ZUMBAThis zumba class combines four main dance choreographs: salsa, merenge, raggaeton, and cumbia. The result is a mix of low-impact to high-impact interval style calorie burning fitness dance that includes a cool-down at the end.

Yoga Flow: This class has yoga flow sequences including beginning, intermediate, and advanced. Asanas are guided in movement with the breath, to strengthen and increase flexibility for the full body, leaving you grounded and energized.

Power Tone : A 30 minute class designed to make your muscles beg for mercy ! Power Tone utilizes free weights to increase tension and your strength.

SWEAT : SWEAT is a variety class that gets your heart pumping and your muscles burning. A mix of Bootcamp, HIIT, Kickboxing and Muscle Toning, you will never get bored in a SWEAT Class. SWEAT is held in Parc Georges Saint Pierre.

WOD 30 : A 30 minute Cross-Training workout designed to maximize your time without sacrificing muscle burn !

HIIT : A 30 minute High Intensity Interval Training class that is incredibly efficient at making you sweat !

Relax and Recharge Yin Yoga: Treat your body to a well deserved Yin and Restorative Yoga class. After a week of sitting at a desk and pushing your muscles to the limit, take time to relax and recharge!


Park Classes

  • Reserve ahead of time at This ensures we have space and equipment for you. If you need to cancel, please do so at last 3 hours in advance or you will forfeit your class. In case of emergency, send us a text message.
  • Bring your own mat, water bottle, and towel and arrive on time to benefit from the warm up.
  • GSP Park: Georges Saint Pierre Park (Upper Lachine/Clifton). Meet across from the splash pad.
  • NDG Park: Girouard Park. Meet near Marcil and Sherbrooke unless otherwise directed (by text)
  • Westmount Park: Meeting in the soccer field on Melville below Sherbrooke.
  • You can pay via credit card on, by etransfer to, or in cash on site (exact change only).


For Single Class, Trial Class, and Class Pack Members:

If you do not cancel your class 3 hours in advance (emergencies excluded), you will forfeit your class. If you have not paid for your single class, you will need to pay for 2 classes before you can book again. If you have not paid for your trial class you will forfeit the trial class and must pay full price next time.

For Unlimited Monthly Members:

If you are a no show/ do not cancel 3 hours in advance (emergencies excluded) 3 times, you will be required to pay a 20$ fee before you may book another class. You will have to pay the 20$ fee every time after that when you are a no show or do not cancel in advance.

*We are a small studio and are not always on site- you must book your class in advance otherwise a coach may not be on site to conduct the class. As a small studio we care more about your ability to get in a good workout than our class numbers. Most studios and gyms. do not run classes if only 1 person is booked but we strive to never cancel classes; which means if you do not show up or cancel with advance notice, the trainer may have gone to the studio or park for no reason. In addition, with class numbers limited, when you do not cancel your class, you take up a space that another person could have reserved. Please be courteous to our coaches and make sure you double check your class bookings for the week and plan accordingly. Make sure to check the location of the class as we use different parks, have virtual classes, and 1 studio class. Finally please be a few minutes early or on time so that you do not miss the warm up and have time to set up before class starts.