MoFitness: A Love Story

By: Jessica Desgagnes

What would become MoFitness originated when 2 strangers living abroad in Abu Dhabi – Chelsie, an art teacher at an international school, Moses, a freelance fitness coach –  had a most auspicious chance encounter.

Having energetically bonded over a mutual love of fitness, healthy and active lifestyles, and an obvious passion for imparting knowledge, it did not take long for a partnership to evolve beyond an obvious attraction to each other. Chelsie and Moses began to put their heads together to develop Moses’ freelance career into a small business beginning with Teacher Fitness Training together while in Abu Dhabi.

Teacher Fitness at Maplewood International School, Abu Dhabi

The bonded enthusiasts relocated to Montreal wherein Coach Moses worked at various gyms, building a professional network, while Chelsie took on the management and marketing of the to-be community studio. Their determination and hard work pushed them beyond obstacles, and in the summer of 2019 the duo ran a Family Fitness program and began developing a series of workshops.

During the initial pandemic lockdown in 2020 they continued to challenge themselves by filming “Daily Tips” videos, which led to the creation of their outdoor fitness class series, “SWEAT in the Park”. Their business took off and as luck would have it, a perfectly-located studio opened and they didn’t hesitate to jump at the opportunity. The studio remains open despite the challenging times as a result of the pandemic. The love for this fitness studio and its members never stops, as the small business owners continue to develop the programs and classes they offer, the newest being “Yoga Flow” and “Relax and Recharge”, a Yin class. Members continue to value one-on-one personal training, virtual small group training, and outdoor classes in the park, all in compliance with the safety codes. MoFitness is immensely thankful for it’s members both past and present, for their support and enthusiasm, which motivates them to continue inspiring an active and healthy community.

Gearing Up for a Montreal Winter Weather Workout

MoFitness is super grateful that our outdoor Winter Boot Camp is up and going again, with the pandemic restrictions having been lifted. In light of this, we thought it might be helpful for our fitness community, especially our new members, to have a quick rundown of helpful tips for outdoor classes.

Layer your clothing:

  1. Opt for a tighter fit, sweat-wicking base layer like tech or dri-fit shirts and leggings that are made of materials like polyester, which pulls moisture from your body, leaving you dry. Fleece lined and merino wool base layers are great for keeping you warm while wicking away moisture. Cotton will absorb your sweat and weigh you down, making you feel colder.
  2. Add a layer of insulation that will allow for full range of motion such as a performance vest or pullover.
  3. Finally, add a protective shell that is waterproof as it will be light and dry.

Consider the temperature and add about 20 degrees as this is closer to how you will feel while working out. Example: If it’s -10 degrees, you will feel as if it is +10 degrees. An added bonus to layering is you can easily remove items as you heat up and bundle up again when you’re done.

Protect your ears and consider investing in waterproof gloves.


Hiking boots are recommended and crampons might be helpful if it’s icy. You can wear sneakers, but know that they will get wet so have a warm pair of wool socks on and plan time to dry your sneakers out after.

Don’t forget to bring your mat and sunscreen!

Given that it’s cold outside the workout does not include a stretch or cool down period; instead MoFitness advises stretching at home post-workout. A good stretch in a warm shower after an outdoor workout feels amazing! 

There are plenty of perks that accompany an outdoor workout including: Vitamin D for your immune system, a boost in your metabolism, reducing symptoms of depression (being in nature helps in general), mental stamina (have you heard of Wim Hof?!), and the opportunity to socialize – safely distanced, of course.

Don’t let Montreal’s winter weather prevent you from meeting your fitness goals!

Winter Bootcamp Schedule:

  • Tuesday 6-6:45 pm
  • Thursday 6-6:45 pm
  • Saturday 10-10:45 am

Winter Bootcamp Officially Ends March 30th, 2021 at which point we will resume our SWEAT in The Park Class Series until Oct 30th, 2021.

Check out our Winter Bootcamp Promo Video

Winter Bootcamp Classes are held in Park Georges Saint Pierre (Upper Lachine/Oxford)


Food and Fund Drive for the Food Depot

Studio MoFitness Mtl will be hosting an open house with the goal of raising funds and collecting food for the Food Depot of NDG. As a small business we aim to become a part of the community and help those in need around us.  One way we can do this is by using our platform to host an event to raise money for a program that helps provides access to nutritious food for our vulnerable citizens.  The need for nutritious food has only become greater due to the COVID-19 pandemic and many food banks and organizations are reporting unprecedented strain on their annual resources. They need help year round, so we have decided to use our Open House as an opportunity to raise money and collect food this September. We aim to hold 2 open house events per year at ‘off-season’ times in order to boost support and awareness for the Food Depot.

Throughout the day we will teach 30-minute sample classes, hold fitness-challenge competitions for prizes, kickboxing demos, and a 45-minute yoga session with Jewel Harini Lee.  There will be a minimum donation 10$ to participate in the classes and you must reserve your spot ahead of time; we do not guarantee space for drop-ins. Each class will end with a challenge and the winner will receive a free class at our Studio.    

The public is encouraged to drop by and chat with us outside the studio and can give monetary or food donations without participating in the class.  The Food Depot does prefer monetary donations as they can buy more than we can (1$ donated=3$ of food) and they can also buy bulk fresh food.  However, if you wish to donate non-perishable food items then we ask that they be as nutritious as possible (canned fish, beans, lentils, canned tomatoes, whole grains, whole grain pasta, etc…). The Food Depot does not accept non-food items.  Please make sure food items are not expired and are not opened.

Open House Schedule:

TimeClassInstructorMax Participants
9:30-10:00Circuit BurnChelsie Evans6
10:30-11:00SWEATMoses Nguno6
11:30-12:00Essential FitChelsie Evans6
12:30-1:00Abs and BootyMoses Nguno6
2:00-2:30Kickboxing HIITMoses Nguno4
3:30-4:15YogaJewel Harini Lee7
4:30-6:00Kickboxing demo drop insMoses and Chelsie2 per trainer/per demo

Between sessions we will run our fitness challenges for those who participated in the class and use the time to disinfect all equipment.  Wearing a mask is mandatory except during the workout.  Indoor shoes ONLY, please change once you arrive at the gym.  Try to bring your own mat, water bottle and towel. Respect the social distancing rules as much as possible. Sanitize your hands upon arrival and whenever you feel it is necessary.

We will also be announcing our official opening promotion rates and you can sign up for a membership or class package with a discount the same day.

Get in Touch to reserve your spot and support the Food Depot!


We are over the moon excited about this new development with our small fitness business. Sometimes good things really do come to those who wait, just don’t wait passively! We’ve been keeping our ears to the ground, looking for a studio and we lucked out last weekend! The studio is located at 2023 Decarie Blvd (formerly Happy Tree Yoga), within a 2 minute walk to Vendome metro, close to the Super Hospital and easily walkable from lower and upper NDG as well as Westmount.

We will offer Personal training, small group training and workshops. The studio will also be available to rent to other trainers, yoga instructors, for events, workshops, etc… Contact Us for rates and availability!

Stay tuned for Early Bird Promotions for our classes and personal training!