Semi-Private Training

Semi-Private Training: Accountability = Success

Semi-Private Group Training is a highly effective and affordable hybrid between Personal and Group Training.

Semi-Private Group Training blends the best of personal training and group fitness; you benefit from a custom program built around your goals with the energy and affordability of training in a group setting.

How it Works

Semi-Private Training Packages are on a monthly (4 week) basis.

How to Sign Up:

Step 1: Decide what days and times you want to train throughout the month. Ex Mon/Wed 3-4pm

Step 2: Contact Us with your information (name, training times,training goal).

Step 3: Wait for confirmation and then pay for your sessions.

**These buttons are for payment only, please email us first to ensure your preferred training times are available.

1x/ Week
Semi- Private Training
Month to Month
  • +tax
  • -Does not reoccur
  • -No Commitment
  • -4 Sessions: 20$/Session
Semi-Private Training
Month to Month
  • +tax
  • -Does not Reoccur
  • -8 Sessions: 19$/Session
Semi-Private Training
Month to Month
  • +tax
  • -Does not Reoccur
  • -12 Sessions: 18$/Session

It takes at least 3 months to form a habit. Setting an intention and commiting to 3 months of training consistently 1,2, or 3 times per week will help you progressively reach your goals. We want to help set you up for a lifelong love of movement.

Terms and Conditions of Monthly Packages

Life can throw lemons at you and we understand so in the event of an extended trip or illness/injury or even loss of income; we will happily pause your training for up to 1 month. In case of serious illness , we can pause your package longer on a case by case basis.

*Full terms and conditions available on PushPress when you sign up.