Why small group training makes sense ?

While the energy of working out in a large group may be motivating, small group training is a much more effective method to reach your goals and no less motivating as it promotes an atmosphere of camaraderie, you receive individual attention – the trainers know your name, abilities, and challenges, and the classes build on each other to improve your skills so you sweat with purpose!

What is our Small Group Training Program? In a Nutshell; it is a hybrid of Personal and Group Training. You work towards your personal goals and have an individualized program but you share the trainer with a small group of up to 4 people.

Sign up for our 4 week Small Group Training Program by adding your name to your preferred time slot on this form and then send us an email (mofitnessmtl@gmail.com) with your Full Name, and phone number. March sessions start March 6th-March 31st.